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I survived a brain aneurysm that resulted in coils and a stent placed in my brain.  I then suffered a mico stroke after bleeding out from an arterial IV in my neck. I couldn't see or hear and had massive headaches.  Then I had a vasospasm requiring another surgery to keep me alive.  


 I was looking at a life in a hospital bed, attached to IVs in a nursing home.  I had another vasospasm and this time I rolled the dice and agreed to the most risky surgery....the angioplasty of veins and arteries in my brain.


No one has lived through this surgery and gone onto rehab.  I lived.  There was no rehab, so I created it.  I started a journal of my experience and journey back to the life I wanted.  Recording progress and set backs on a daily basis helps to process the physical and emotional trials to keep you moving forward.


I went from learning to talk, think, stand and walk to being in the best shape of my life!! I am not a superman...everyone on the planet can do this!!  Believe, and try, never give up and adapt to what life throws at you. Embrace and feed your body and spirit....And get a lil' crazy, make it fun, find joy and live life like it's one big WEEEEEE!


Prior to my brain aneurysm, my passion for 20 years was the development of a global business model of human transformation.  I truly believe that I lived so I could complete this project and help others.


The Ooh Baby Ooh is not the business model, it is my gift to help others.   All Welcome!!


Patrick Desmond Quinn, Jr.



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No soliciting, links to retail sites, we are not selling anything.  All content is paying it forward.

The future of Rehabilitation and Lifestyle for Earthlings...if you find this amazing, get ready for the Exercise!!!


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