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REHABILITATION is a methodology for your journey back to the life you want.  You can do it, just believe.


It is broken into three segments of progression:


  • First, The Ooh Baby Ooh I Want To Stand begins the rehabilitation process from any starting point.  It is designed to reconnect your brain with your body so you can get out of the hospital bed, wheelchair or off the couch and stand again.  Please master this first to avoid injury.

  • Second, The Ooh Baby Ooh I Want to Move is designed to get you ready to move while standing. It is very important to master this to avoid injury and falling.

  • Third, The Ooh Baby Ooh I'm Alive is designed to increase your mobility through strength and balance.  It is best done outside, but can be almost anywhere.




The fear of falling (FOF) is a natural fear and is typical of most humans.  That fear is greater, as it should be, for someone trying to recover from injury or illness or anything that has kept them from moving their body.  It is never too late to segment at a time.  Keep a journal of your progress.



To the loved, encourage and do it with them!!!  It is easy to get discouraged  and overwhelmed if you are alone...Share The Journey!





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