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The "Crossin' Gene" is my term for a trait that some people have, which makes them do crazy things, like risk their lives to cross the oceans for a new life, or drop out of MIT to create video games. 


My Irish heritage, and the story of my family coming to America have always felt like a part of me.  A bit crazy, sometimes against all odds, they came for the possibilities of a better life.


I think everyone has the crossin' gene....spend less time worrying about being politically correct, get on the radar, bring out your crazy.


When I do the Ooh Baby Ooh, moving my arms, wiggling in a parking lot or down the road,  people look at me.  Some think its cool and get that I am working on my body and happy, some are embarrassed for me....that is just stupid because its breaking the norm.  They think they can only work out in a gym.  Walking in a straight line does not burn calories like using arms and wiggling around.  Put on a heart rate monitor and prove it to yourself, then be brave and get moving.




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