This page is information and instructions for the gifted shareholders of Yay! Wee! ™.


If you have been selected to receive a share of common stock (callable at $2,300,000) please read the following:

   To reiterate, the stock is free, a gift and no requirement to be a voter.  At this time we require no sensitive personal information; such as, your social security number.

   It would be wise to understand how Yay! Wee! functions, but there is no requirement.  This business model is one-of-a kind and functions like no other.  Such as, there are trust and integrity rules (as perceived by Yay Wee) that will never be broken by Yay Wee, but most others do it all the time. We will not change and that can be confusing to you.  So if you have any questions, please reach out to the founder through the Contact Us page on Yay Wee website.


  You must agree to the limited restrictions associated with the gifted stock.  If not, you can not become a share holder.

If you agree to the aforementioned here are instructions to receive it.  Please note, you must sign up for a time to receive a share.  The founder will be giving shares away during the Christmas holidays. The next time will be in March.  It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the digital document process. There is a calendar to schedule your time slot.


You must read and thoroughly understand the restrictions as follows:



Please Note: You must read every step listed below carefully and follow the instructions exactly. If you do not, we are not responsible for the possible loss of your share in the company.

1.  First click the link provided at the bottom, which will take you to the fillable pdf agreement.


2.  After you have clicked the link and are taken to the form, click the GET STARTED button.


3.  Next, you will be asked to click the CONSENT button, agreeing to the terms listed on that page, which state that your electronic signature will count as your legal signature on the document you are about to fill out.


4.  After you click the CONSENT button, you will be taken to the fillable pdf agreement, which has the various designated areas to sign and date the form flagged.


5.  Find the correct line on which you need to sign, depending on whether you are an adult signing for yourself or a youth signing in addition to your parent/guardian, and click in the designated box to sign, print your name, email address, and fill in the date.


6.  Once you have filled out the correct designated areas, click the DONE button.


7.  You will then have the option to DOWNLOAD a copy of the pdf you just filled out. Please DOWNLOAD a copy of the pdf straight to your computer. You must download the pdf to receive your share, as it is vital to the next step.


8.  After you have completed that, please proceed to sign up for an account.


9.  You can do this by clicking the button on the top right hand corner of this page.  This will take you to the login page. Once there, you will choose the option to sign up as a new member.


10. Please fill out and sign the sign up form.


11. Attach the completed pdf agreement you downloaded onto your computer in step 7.


12. Finally, click the SUBMIT button.

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