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Life Event - Miracle Road Trip

Part 2 - Business Model


Yep, it was on another road trip 2 years ago, that celebrates the life event in a 2 part series entitled… OOH BABY OOH WHY ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE – YOU ARE LIKE A WALKIN’ MIRACLE – IF YOU BELIEVE IN THOSE KINDS OF THINGS. Part 1 is the story… Part 2 is the why


I have never posted or publicly discussed the business model, only referring to it as something that I have been working on for almost 20 years.


My life and career path wasn’t this model, but sometimes things just happen that change everything…so here goes...

Yep, it was the first medical disaster I lived through, almost 30 years ago. The doc had just performed another lingual nerve surgery and wanted to talk to me - privately.


After explaining to me there was maybe one surgery left for me and that medicine was in the fourth century when it came to nerve damage, he says something like this “If you don’t figure how to live like this, you will kill yourself like everyone else. But, I give you half a chance cause your glass is always half full. I don't think you will be a CPA anymore, so you need to find something you love to do and you will do just fine.” He then says something like “I will call you when we can help you.” ---- He has never called me to this day….


So I listened to the doctor and tried to figure out what to do... I sure can tell you I didn't start out to create a new business model. I started to do something I loved to do and I just became better than anyone else at it. My research indicated there was a massive unmet global want/need with exceptional economic value!!!!


But, the conventional business model was so upside down in relationship to me. I couldn't figure out how to make any money. Furthermore, no one believed I could do it. Sadly, I couldn't even explain why I did things so differently. I was stuck!!


Then about 10 years ago, I was in Australia when a dear friend, said something like “no one can do what you do, you’re like the crocodile hunter – you just do it with people. Why are you not doing it to make money?” I’m like “The business model is upside down! I can't figure out how to make any money. Anyways, no one believes I can do it. They think it's all fake.” He says “if you are stuck…go back to the basics. Didn't you go to some fancy business school?...did you save any notes?” I said “yep” and he said “well then go dig um up and the answer lies within – just know one thing, everyone will think you are crazy, mate!”


Well that's the best business advice I ever took and he was right – people thought I was crazy…calling it a ‘vision’ got me trips to the therapist…so then it became a ‘model’….


When looking at my college notes from Northwood University, I couldn’t believe how incredibly stupid I had been. I was given so many business models back then that I never even thought possible, and now most have been done!!!

I only found three that have not yet materialized - and all left by one professor. (This is a guy that envisioned the plastics you see today, the geodesic dome with ‘Bucky’ Fuller and the model used to forecast recessions. He is creator of the four sided equal lateral triangle business model, based on that it's the fundamental structure of the universe. If the History channel is correct, this man is one the most influential people of the last century!!)


Two are very close and only a matter of time.


The third was called the ‘the youth world good or service vision’ or the ‘CRAZY vision’. He referred to them as visions.


Here is the professor’s partial blueprint:


It had to be based on values that the entire World hold high…..and when does the entire World agree on anything?

It must have 2 CUSTOMERS, youth and adult, cause the adults ‘hold the purse strings’ and both would have to agree on everything….and when do the adults and youth agree on anything?

It must include the government…..and why would any business model do that?

To ‘sell to the youth’ it must be designed in their thought process, so the freedom holding the model together must be qualitative, not the quantitative freedom of profit….so when is there any business model not designed to profit?

So it would be the 1st “for profit” business not designed to profit? WHAT?!?

The professor lamented “this was his only vision he could not do or knew anybody who could or even anybody that would want to try.”


Because, everything would have to be designed in the youth thought process, otherwise it would fail. So how could he explain that and who would understand it? Who would take him seriously? Everyone would think he's crazy….so that’s why he called it his ‘crazy vision’ - his only vision that might never be done!!!!


He also called it “the greatest entrepreneurial challenge in history”.


But, if someone could figure it out and explain it, this would make more wealth than all of his other ‘visions’ put together. (Note: he was so far ahead of his time and without the benefit of advances in technology and the internet.)

Oooooh my!!!! Like…I didn't live for just any old business model…I lived for one that would change the world!!

I fully believe it took the multiple miracle experience in part 1 for anyone to take me serious in part 2.

There are a few more elements that helped shape the model over the years.

This is only a partial & basic description... (I don't want to give the model away in this post, lol).



It will inspire and give the opportunity to improve self-worth and the standard of living for customers around the World. It’s where the world comes together and I know that sounds ‘too good too be true’…right!?!

There are two illustrations at the end of the post that can help explain the relevance:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – Pyramid of needs/wants that people are motivated to achieve

4 Sided Equal lateral Tetrahedron – business model symmetry using four triangular faces, six straight edges, and four vertex corners



















This model is based on global values, ‘wants and needs’ that are satisfied in certain ways and are held in high esteem by almost all cultures, religions and peoples, of most ages! It is centered around activities and interaction with teenagers/young adults who are rewarded for their participation, and supported by adults who see the value of the participation. Then vice a versa!!!


First of all, it's a four customer model (not two).

• Teenager/young adult male
• Teenager/young adult female
• Adult male
• Adult female


Everything is designed to meet the wants/needs of all 4 customers at the same time and in a way that will not create conflict in the long term.


The teenager/young adult customers have qualitative “wants” to be met (in the 3 upper levels on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and the adult customers have quantitative needs (in the 2 bottom levels) and at the same time wants (in the 3 upper levels on Maslow’s hierarchy).


All 4 customers must agree on each other’s wants, the satisfaction of each want, and the method of satisfaction.

Initially, the teenager/young adult is the primary customer. So, the model is designed within the qualitative thought process. That means there is emotional freedom that overrides the linear freedom of profit.

The teenage/young adult customer likes the satisfaction of the adult needs/wants more and more, the older they become - sort of like growing with the model.


Some linear definitions in adult terms are overridden by the qualitative freedom. Example: the linear definition of a teenager is 13 – 18; however, the model’s definition is more in line with the similar thought processes of the teenager and young adult, forming a blended age group for the teenager/young adult apex.


Expenses strengthen the qualitative freedom. There are expenses incurred that no other business model would consider, and expenses not incurred that most other business models would deem necessary.


Some expenses take on a completely different meaning than the adult definition or perception of what their function is to this model.


At a trigger point in the very linear time table of the marketing strategy, the model ‘shifts focus’ and the adult customer becomes the primary. There is a mechanism designed to strengthen the qualitative freedom in a quantifiable sense, because the satisfaction of the ‘want’ is so highly desired by all customers. This is needed for the model’s long term viability & wealth creation.


The model functions in the pyramid of wants, so you can’t force anyone to want to do anything. They either want to self-actualize, belong and have self-esteem or not!! The Model's culture, values and beliefs focus on that; therefore, the entire cost structure shifts with internal controls throughout the model to ensure this always happens!

People buy wants. Therefore, this is not a ‘sell’ model.


Because, the model is based on wants…I just love this…the costs shift to the customer over the long term!!



There is a grassroots branding strategy to find as many customers as soon as possible and ‘turn’ them into the model.

There are some things that most business do to attract customers and form brand identity that this model will never do! (Would you not expect this from a one of kind business model?)


I have been to China to see if it would work there. The values are in line, but unless millions can participate, it has little or no value…therefore, it’s built so billions can participate!!!! 


Because this is an emotional based model, there are a lot of ‘yays’, ‘wees’, happy faces, hearts, etc. in its existence and this presentation…super yay!! If you understand this…you are catchin’ on! Wee!



I made more mistakes than any other human being on this planet. So many times I didn't even know I was making a mistake until I stepped away and thought about it.


The model cannot be about me - an ‘old guy’. I’m not cool – it’s impossible to be!


I have an accounting background, so I was able to add internal controls to ensure to compliance and visualize the abstract elements of the model.


My 1st business model, The King Biscuit, in Houston Texas did not fully materialize. I was so far ahead of the craft beer revolution…it’s a long story and all documented in the newspapers…all I know is this …two of my great mentors both hoped I would have my first ‘vision’ at an early age and would fail…then if I was blessed enough to have a second one –this time I would do it right! Failure would ‘slap the arrogance’ out of me and is the best lesson to a young entrepreneur ever!


I have spent more time with females of all ages in a non-working capacity than most men. I was like the original stay-at-home dad, I only have daughters, I coached and was involved with girls’ cheerleading for almost a decade and I still hang out with the girls in all the group exercise classes at the gym. To put it simply, the girls have a different perspective that generates a different set of wants and needs as compared to males.


The name of the company is far less important than its function. YAY WEE!!!



1. They have to accept unconventional ways…such as you cannot lie to the ‘kids’. Cause they will bust you on your body language. Trust me…and a ‘lie’ is defined differently by them! 
2. They love what they do. I’m going to pay them for what already pay to do! There are multiple secondary reasons for each person…like they speak Spanish, etc.

3. It’s not about you - it's about the customer
4. Kind, wonderful people
5. They want to change the world and do such good for so many lives.
6. If they love what they do, they can put up with the long hours involved with this start up.


Also, I want to partner on up with the best hackers to protect the qualitative freedom.


Amazingly, the most difficult people to have included in the model are adult males…most men can't really talk to woman – let alone teenage/young adult girls…so I’m going to be very, very picky on the men.



1. I want them to get it so that they want their families and friends to participate
2. This is based on part 1. This is a one of a kind business model that has exceptional wealth potential. A couple people said it's like Henry Ford building the 1st car. I'm not motivated by the money - I'm motivated by doing it!


Heck, my new favorite saying about the model is not “it’s where the world comes together” or “it’s too good to be true” --- it’s this “it’s going to pay the highest rates of return in the market”!


In the last few months, it became legal that business models can even be crowd funded!!!!! That means regular people without net worth’s of at least $1 million, can now invest in businesses in the stage where the highest rates of return are generated!!! Finally!! And this model is built for venture capitalists and angel investors and the normal rates of return are 10 times! I'm going to be way over that!


I’m so blessed to be alive, and to finally be able to realize the vision GOD inspired for me. Amen.


Thank you so much, YAY WEE!
Patrick Desmond Quinn, Jr.

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