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Life Event - Miracle Road Trip

Part 1 - I Lived


Yep, it was on another road trip 2 years ago, that celebrates the life event in a 2 part series entitled…. OOH BABY OOH WHY ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE – YOU ARE LIKE A WALKIN’ MIRACLE - IF YOU BELIEVE IN THOSE KINDS OF THINGS. Part 1 is the story…part 2 is the why.


I was at my brother’s holdin’ a couple of hand weights, when all of sudden, I got a headache and didn't feel good. I drank some water, picked back up the weights and immediately dropped them. Like I never did before. Went upstairs, sat down, told my nephew Alex I didn't feel good…..he's like “ oooo uncle pat you ate pizza ( I don't eat diary) & partied hard last night(which I did).. you will be fine”…..I'm like ,”You’re probably right”…so I laid down, but started vomitin’, got up thinkin’ somethin’ is not right, told Alex to call 911, went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I put my head into my hands & pleaded “GOD, I don’t want to die. If I’m dead I can’t do the model. GOD, I don’t want to die!” I was lookin’ out the window over Conger Bay, Lake St.Clair when this super wonderful feelin’, like a 'total peace', started from the top of my head and went all down my body. My headache went away. I thought I heard a voice in my head sayin somethin’ like “do it…you will not die.” I don’t remember exactly what I heard. I remember thinkin’ “did I jus’ hear a voice?”


IF I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS… I don't think anyone would have EVER believed me on what happened on the toilet… If I had said “GOD saved me! He told me I have to do the business model. Take me to the hospital.” The medical tests would have revealed I had a brain aneurysm rupture. I would have made it through the night and the next mornin’ medicine would have successfully coiled the aneurysm and put a stent in a blood vessel in the brain I believe it’s highly probable, that some folks would have said GOD didn't save you and you didn't hear a voice. They would have said that I got to the hospital in the nick of time and medicine saved me. The mind can play tricks on you and you jus’ thought you heard a voice. I truly BELIEVE, that I would even have started to NOT BELIEVE it myself over time…but I didn't do that at all.


INSTEAD I DID THIS…. I'm sitting on the toilet and my headache goes away. I feel much better. I didn't tell anybody about my ‘so called miracle’. I get up and walk down the stairs flawlessly. My vital signs were normal . I faked out the EMT’s (thinkin’ that I had jus’ overdone it with the weights) and I even faked out MYSELF! I didn't go to the hospital, went to sleep for two days, got up, put a vibrator on my neck/head cause my neck felt stiff, my headache came back and by the 4th morning I was in the hospital in really, really bad shape!! After a bunch of tests, three doctors walked into the room, and they where lookin’ at the medical records indicating I had a brain aneurysm rupture 100 hours ago!!!


There is no medical reason why I should be alive. The tall one looks down at the records, looks at me and says “Why are you alive? Why are you in Michigan? Who’s your next of kin?” OMG..I knew I had a miracle to be able to live! I really did hear a voice! All of a sudden, the reason why I'm alive flies out of me and I blurt out “GOD says I got to do the business model.” The tall doc says “what did you say?” I said somethin’ like this… “I said GOD says I have to do the business model. What you don't BELIEVE me? I’m tellin’ you the truth.” This was the 1st time I saw a doc’s jaw drop, but not the last. The tall doc and the young special doc (who would be my side over like the next two weeks) jus’ looked at each other. Then I start tellin’ them that I was in Michigan cause I was on a road trip from Texas. I LOVE ROAD TRIPS! I’m pretty sure they didn't even hear me.


The super doc comes into the room, looks me over, flips through the medical records, shakes his head, smiles, walks towards me, leans over, touches my arm, (his touch is one of the greatest feelings I have ever had in my life) looks me in the eye and says somethin’ like “you suffered a brain aneurysm …..stay calm… have to make it through the night”. If I did, he let me know that in the morning he would fix me up as good as new. I couldn’t say it but I'm thinkin’ YAY! GOD might have saved me initially, but medicine was goin’ to get me off my death bed. Then the young special doc leans over me and says “Tell me about this business model.” As I was on my death bed, bein’ readied to ‘make it through the night’, I explained it to him with new insight! After hours of explain’ it (or so it seems) he says somethin’ like ‘I would do it. Everyone will!’s like “it's too good to be true.” I tell him “everyone says the same thing!! In fact, that's the nickname- it's too good to be true.” He says “what's the catch” and I said “there isn’t one… I didn’t build it that way..well - HE didn't build it that way.”


The young special doc didn't say anythin’…. As I was bein’ wheeled into what I call the ‘death room’ (A private room with a nurse – where they expect you to die at any minute) I say to the young special doc “most people don't make it through the night…do they???” He didn't respond right away, but finally said somethin’ like ‘the last one didn’t, most people don't, but some do…and for some reason I think you will.” During ‘makin’ it through the night’ I made up my first mantra/prayer. I said it over and over again. “God I’ll never stop trying to do the business model. I promise. I want to make it through the night”. I made it through the night, and on The 5th mornin’, (120+ hours after the bleeding started in my brain), the Super Doc, successfully coiled the aneurysm and put a stent in my brain. When he woke me up on the operating table and he asked me how I felt and I said “ I feel great!”. Everyone was ecstatic! It was a major success and medicine totally rocked!! At this point, I BELIEVE some people still didn't BELIEVE that a miracle had saved my life 5 days ago. Especially, with the reason bein’ that I had to do some 'business model'. GOD made sure about it - given what happened to me over the next ten days!!……


I was moved upstairs and some future doctors put in two arterial IV’s….one on the side of the neck and one at the wrist. They were all by themselves. This is the definition of a total fiasco!!! The future doctors that put the arterial IV on the neck had a very hard time. I was very vocal that they were hurting me. They finished and left the room. The two future doc's that put the one in my wrist kept missin’ the artery. They were in a panic and even sweated through their clothes. It was horrific! I was shakin’ & screamin’ in agony. They both washed up and left the room quickly. Then walks in a couple of nurses and they were like “What jus happened? Are you ok?” I was slumped over and pushed myself up in the bed to talk to them. I don't remember what I said. When I sat up, I pulled my hands from under the covers and both of them were covered in blood. I'm like WHAT?! And showed my hands to the nurse. I look down and I'm sittin’ in a pool of my own blood! Blood had been drainin’ from the IV in artery in my neck. The nurses spring into action! They slow down the flow of blood draining out of my neck, but they can't totally stop it! They summon for help.


Then in walks my cousin Shawn, my uncle Jack and my nephew, Evan. They start talkin’ to me and tell me blood is coming out of your neck. They are like this is not right! Evan is like “Uncle Pat blood is running down the IV”. Evan is total grossed out and can't even look it. It is makin’ him nauseous. In comes a doc and a few nurses to stop the bleedin’. We all ask my family to leave the room. Shawn is outside in the hallway and hears me scream. She looks into the room and sees blood shooting from my neck and it’s hitting the ceiling!!!!!!!! WHAT??!! The super doc had put high blood pressure medicine into the IVs in my arteries to hold the coil and stent in place. The IV in my neck didn't hold and they couldn't stop the bleeding!! The one thing I remember is this… The doctor yell’s out “ I got blood on me” the nurse that is leaning over my body, tryin' to clean me up responses to the doc sayin’ “Doctor we all got blood on us.”


To stop the pain and try to be calm, I started to bio feedback. I'm a pro at it cause of havin' chronic pain from the 1980’s. I use it to go to sleep every night. I started to come out of my body and like float in the air. Then started seein’ visions of my past. Then I came back into my body sitting in the hospital bed sayin’ two things…. somethin’ like “please don't kill me” and “I was hungry and I needed to order food before the kitchen closed.” After sittin’ in my body for a while, I jus’ left my body again, levitated, saw more visions. Then I would come back down into my body sayin’ the same two things. It went on for hours. The kitchen closed before I could order lunch or dinner! I saw so many visions of the past, of the future and what I think is the future. I have told a few women that I saw them pregnant before they got pregnant. I have told people I saw them in the future... People don’t say anythin’ when I tell them I saw them in my past life. Tellin’ people I saw them in the future – jus' ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, TOTALLY freaks them out. So I stopped talkin’ about it all together.


Durin’ the time I’m leaving my body and seein’ visions. I have a feelin’ I'm surrounded by angels. I can't even mention the name of Peter Wiley without cryin’ and getting’ shivers all up and down me. He was my college buddy that died right after graduation in a car accident. I thought what a loss to humanity cause he was such a good soul. The first thing I said, “I’m goin’ see him again someday.” And I never say those words when someone dies! I never though it would be like that...


Then I remember seein’ a flash of white light, and I’m sittin’ in the hospital bed with ringin’ in my ears, a level 8 headache down the middle with 4’s on the side, and my vision full of S’s of white light with the center of each S hollow & full of kaleidoscopes that are movin’ left to right. If I was lookin’ at you, you go from normal, to a Picasso paintin’ and back to normal.


I find out next morning I had suffered a micro stroke. I don't remember elevatin’ out of my body in the hospital, again. What I remember is sittin’ there jus’ shakin’ when a janitor comes walking into the room. She stops in the entry way and says in dismay “WHAT happened here?!!” No one said a word. No one in the room said anything. There was blood everywhere!!!! My sister in law, Darcie comes walkin’ into the room to see me. I could barely talk. She told me later “that I jus’ shook like a leaf on a tree.” I begged for pain medicine, had to sit up and knew I was like a vegetable… That night someone was kind enough to give me a sandwich from their shift meal. I don't even remember what it was, but it was wonderful. I jus’ cried. My mantra/prayer changed to say “GOD you know I can’t do the business model like this, but I want to live – I want to see my [unborn] grandkids.”


Over the next 10 days, a couple variations included “I want to see my girls (daughters) again” and “I will do somethin’ to better humanity.” I wanted to see so many people again, names and faces running through my brain, too many to mention here. Eventually I got to lie down… The super doc comes into see me the next mornin’. He was all happy and asks me how I'm feelin’. I jus’ start cryin’ and said somethin’ like “they almost killed me”. I begged for pain medicine. He gets a puzzled look. Walks down to end of the bed. Grabs the medical reports on the tray stand, flips through the pages, gets a look of total disgust and throws them on the foot bed!! He quickly walks up the side of the bed, leans over the bed and says somethin’ like “you suffered a micro stroke…don’t move…stay calm.”


He hustles out the room. The doc in charge of the hospital comes into the room and obviously did not speak to the super doc . She sits down and is a good mood. With a smile, she says somethin’ like this “how are you doin.” I jus’ started cryin and tried repeatin’ what I told the super doc….”they almost killed me”. She loses her smile, shakes her head a lil’, puts her head into her hands, sits up and walks out of the room. I don't know what was said, but it got real loud, real quick, outside my room and it wasn't joyous! Within minutes (or so it seemed), a group of young men come into the room wheeling in a mobile cat scan unit. They wheel it right up against the bed. The super doc is like don’t move – we are goin’ to move you. I look at all these young men (in their normal and picasso images) and I’m in better shape than all of them!! I figure out they are tryin’ to determine how to move me! What??! OOOO no!!!! I'm thinkin’ you’ re not goin’ to touch me!!!! Before they could move me, I slid myself on to the bed of the cat scan unit. The look on one face was like “What did he jus’do?!”


The room went silent as the cat scan did its job. Then I hear what I thought was happy noises outside my room. Then the super doc, the doc in charge of the hospital and other people come into the room. People were not in a panic. The super doc holds up the image to the light and says to me smiling and with a touch of disbelief says “It all held together.” I will never forget it! What that meant is this…the coil and stent were still in the right position. They had not moved, even after I had lost so much blood that it caused a stroke!!!! If it hadn't ‘held together’, the super doc was ready to rush me immediately into surgery. They then would have had to go up through the artery by the groin, find the coil and stent wherever they were in my body, get them, transport them and put them back into the brain in their right spots!!! All while the brain aneurysm is bleedin’ and not killin’ me!!! The super doc and the crew sure were happy they didn't have to do that!! The super doc touches me and says something like “we are goin’ to blast this into place…be calm”.  


For days they pumped me with high blood pressure medicine to ‘hold it together’. I didn't say to anyone that I was saved by angels. I don't think anyone would have believed me! I was a vegetable and could barely talk! I jus’ cried. The pain was excruciating and I pleaded for more pain medicine. Over the next 10 days I jus’ laid there, repeated my mantra/prayer, visualized healin’, meditated, slept, talked to myself, called a few people, thought only about love, the positive power in the universe and goodness of humanity. I never watched tv, but I did listen to music….I listened to jus’ 2 songs over and over. They were the last two I had jus’ downloaded to my phone. One was a suggestion from my daughter, “Alive”, by Krewella. The other I had liked for years, “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. Go check out those lyrics!!


A couple days go by with very little progress and then WHAM!! My headache goes to level 10 pain and I'm screaming for pain meds. I was suffering from a vasospasm in the brain. There was a sudden constriction of an artery, leading to the decrease in its diameter and in the amount of blood it can deliver! The vasospasm was goin’ to kill me.


The super doc then performs another successful brain surgery to stop the vasospasm savin’ my life for a second time!! But the effects of the stroke did not go away from this surgery.. I was only back at the stroke base line. But a nurse was like ‘Why are you living? Mine (her patient) died today”! She wanted to hold my hand… Another day, a group nurses walk into my room and tell me everyone around me had died that day and they wanted to know why I was the only one alive. I always had the same answer.


Then a couple days later, around 4 pm in the afternoon I had yet another vasospasm!!! This time I knew I was havin’ one and couldn't eat in order to have another emergency surgery to save me –again and again. When the young special doc, (that frequently checked on me first thing in the mornin’), comes into the room, I immediately tell him I was havin’ another vasospasm. He believes me and springs into action like a rocket !!! He gets the super tech immediately. She asked me where it hurt and put the probe right on that spot and says “he’s having another”. In walks the super doc and the first thing he asks me “when was the last time you ate”. I say ‘4 pm’. The super doc looks at the ultra sound results and confirms the techs evaluation. He is all proud of her!!. And says somethin’ like…”we need to end this once and for all’. He asks me again when was the last time I ate…” I say to him some like this ‘ I just told you 4 pm’. He jus’ stares at me..


Then the super doc wants to talk to me, privately . I have had a doctor only one other time in my life say that to me... Both are tippin’ points that altered and redefined my perception of life. The first time this happened will start part 2. The super doc asks me somethin’ like this “if I want to live like this?….like a vegetable hooked up to IV’s…having one vasospasm after another”… I say “not really” He says we can end this right now by doin' this risky surgery (where they go up into the brain with a balloon and angioplasty the blood vessels) and believes I'm a good candidate for the procedure. Cause I have a cardiovascular system of a 25 year old Olympic athlete, a standin’ heart rate in the low 40’s , sleepin’ it’s in the mid to low 30’s... except for my brain, my cardiovascular system is a beast. I don't have any tattoos, so the skin was healin’, holdin’ up nice and could handle it. Everything was in place. I already had 5 IV’s in me (3 in the arteries and 2 in the veins). He promised me that I would never, never have to go through havin’ another IV put in me. EVER! He said something like “if I make one mistake you will be dead.” I will never forget that we break eye contact and he jus’ stares at the floor after he said it. He’s looks me in the eye and says somethin’ like “if I’m successful you will be built to run three Boston marathons in a row.” He’s like “what do you really have to lose” There was jus’ a moment of silence and then I’m thinkin' like… “lets do this”.


The super doc is pumped and we went right into surgery. I see the same operatin’ nurses and they were like “What? And somethin’ like “why are you here for a third time?” I kept sayin “it’s my last time”. The super doc is jus’ intense while gettin’ ready and he keeps sayin' somethin' like “this is the last time and we are goin’ to end this once and for all.” This was goin’ to be the last time…medicine was “ALL IN”!!!. Medicine’s performance was beyond exceptional! The super doc pulls off the risky surgery flawlessly and saves my life for the 3rd time. He wakes me up on the operatin’ table and says somethin' like “you made it ….how are you feelin'?” I don't remember what I said…I was joyful the vasospasm was gone!!! But, over the next couple days I made very little progress recoverin’ from the stroke. The ringin’ in my ears lessened somewhat, but I still had a massive headache and I could barely see. I just laid in the hospital bed in agony. I was goin on at least ten days without gettin' out of the hospital bed and without havin' a bowel movement.


I started to sense that people were losin’ hope in me ever making a real recovery. I was runnin out of time. I was jus’ goin’ to end up livin' out my days in a nursin' home hooked up to tubes and IVs…there never would be a business model. That night my mantra/prayer changed and I pleaded with and begged GOD and said somethin' like this….”please GOD they are losin' hope in me..I’m runnin' out of time.. I know you want me to do the model but I can't do the model like this…but I will live like this cause I want to see my grandkids and my girls’ ..over and over… I put it on replay… I also said ‘people are losing hope’ over and over. This is the only night, in the hospital, that once I feel asleep - I slept the entire night!!! I remember nothin’ from that night When I woke, I was lyin' on my back and lookin' straight up at the ceilin'. Then the wonderful feelin', the‘total peace', that I had while sittin’ on the toilet when the brain aneurysm initially ruptured..STARTED TO COME OVER ME AGAIN FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD ALL THE WAY DOWN MY BODY TO MY TOES!!!! My headache goes away, the ringin' in my ears goes away and my sight drastically improves with fewer S’s. THIS TIME I KNEW I WAS HAVING A MIRACLE and I mouthed the words I heard..”you need to learn forgiveness, put 2 people in the model, (I immediately knew which 2 people) it’s for all! I laid there and jus’ shook and cried”. This time I said “thank you” countless times and still do to this day...


The super doc comes in for the mornin’ check up and walks over to the side of the bed, starts to go through his medical routine check and asks me how I'm doin'. Expectin’ me to say “ I’m doin’ horrible and please give me pain meds.” I said somethin' like “I feel great, my headache is gone, no more ringin' in the ears and not so many S's.” I jus’ stopped his routine and jus’ stared at me…his jaw even dropped a lil'… Then I said….”GOD said that I need to learn forgiveness and I have to put two people in the business model..” I just went on and on..He jus stared…I will never forget the look on his face.. The super doc jus’ broke into the biggest smile and shook his head… completed what he was doin’ and jus’ walked out room….


People came into the room, from all over the hospital, to see and hear for themselves. This is when they started callin' me the miracle man or bionic man and sayin' “this must be one heck of a business model.” I am eternally grateful to all of the people that saved my life…there are no words that can express it fully – EVER! Thank you so much for all the people that were prayin’, mediatin’, sendin’ positive thoughts, chantin', gatherin’ the power of the universe, or whatever you call it that you did to save my life. I am so honored and can never repay it back.


I can only explain what I went through in the understandin's, definitions, beliefs and knowledge of my own thought process and my perception of life. You can define it, call it and explain it any way you want. I don’t care if you believe me or not or think I’m totally insane. My purpose is not to tell you what to believe - but to help. They moved me into a room with a guy. He asked me why I was there and I told him. I will never forget what he said…”the only way you will ever get out of here is if you walk out”.


I pushed through the pain , started to move my body , got out of the hospital bed, and after two weeks in the hospital bed forced myself to walk again. I now know why people never walk again once they hit the hospital bed. It is so excruciatin'ly painful... When I saw the super doc after I got out of the hospital, I asked him about a rehab. He jus’ looked at me and his jaw dropped. I said somethin’ like “people don’t live through what I went through – do they?” He jus’ shook his head no with his mouth agape. I then realized I had created a whole new way to get out of the hospital bed, stand up, get out of a wheelchair, learn how to walk again - all the way to gettin’ into excellent physical shape!!


It’s a lil’ unconventional with results that are unprecedented! It's called ooh baby ooh. At the web site oohbabyooh.comyou will find videos on everythin’ I jus’ wrote about. It is a very simple website with nothin’ for sale and no advertisin'. Please feel free to share and put them in all languages. It’s for all and as always, “All Welcome.” I have kept my promise and done somethin’ to benefit all humanity. And now it's time to do the business model.


The business model is the first of its kind – EVER. The world needs it more than ever - cause it does such good for humanity. For years, The model has been nicknamed “where the world comes together” and “it’s too good to be true”. I understand why now…cause it's really not my model. I could have never created somethin’ so truly, exceptional. I believe it took multiple miracles in this unbelievable recovery for anyone to take me seriously. I hope all of you can understand why I disappeared from face book for almost a month and went into complete solitude for days at a time. I felt paralyzed, couldn't even think and jus’ cried. There are no words to describe relivin' what I went through. So to all of humanity, yep to each and every one of you 6+ billion, may you have the greatest gift that I believe any human being can ever receive… And that's… to live life like you died and came back and to be touched by the hand of GOD and know the love of GOD. Forever…Amen WEE!!.


Thank you so much…tears..

Patrick Desmond Quinn, Jr.

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