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Earthlings are the new food source for the Universe.


Fattened up nicely with growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics and genetically modified foods.


The Plutonians have infiltrated the chemical and food companies and are preparing for distribution of Earthlings to end Universal hunger...badabapaba!


Pluto thought the probe was going to be a peace offering and an apology for not calling them a planet.  Instead, we spied on their military bases and they consider that an act of war since Earth is the most warring planet in the Universe. Pluto has convinced the Universe to switch spots with Earth since Earth is considered a planet.  The switcheroo will take place once I get back from the trip around the USA doing the Ooh Baby Ooh I'm Alive.  The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Innocent little Pluto is plotting its revenge on the big planet, Earth.  The only way to foil their evil plot is to get in shape!!!  Ooh Baby Ooh is the only hope and the way to planetary peace.

Coming soon..................Pluto vs Earth, the "Planetary Switcharoo".

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