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Gettin' away from the sedentary, processed food lifestyle.

Put the wild in your diet and the wild in your rehab!


The doctors and nurses wanted to know what was different about my lifestyle that helped me survive....I had to think about that.


  • I eat wild (berries, nuts, fish, meat, greens, etc.) in my diet every day

  • I eat like the ancestors did before refrigeration. When I catch a bunch of fish, I eat fresh fish for every meal, for many days at a time

  • I don't eat meat unless it is wild game

  • I work out with the girls at the gym - not the boys.  The boys lift heavy weights and usually concentrate on only the upper body.  I do Pilates, yoga, strength training with many different and numerous repetitions with lighter weights, spin and Zumba

  • I don't have tattoos, piercings or other body art

  • I touch the earth every day

  • I don't eat processed food

  • I listen to my spirit

  • I don't smoke cigarettes, cigars, chew tobacco or dip

  • I don't own a television 

  • I park in the back end of the lot and walk the furthest to the door


I love life and don't give up...(thanks mom and dad for raising me to believe I can do anything)

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